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How to Disable WebRTC in Chrome and Firefox to Protect Your Anonymity and Real IP!

As security conscious VPN users will already know, many browsers contain a security flaw that can compromise your security when browsing. This glitch impacts only impacts on Windows users, the vulnerability is know as WebRTC and it affects the users of both Chrome and Firefox. The glitch allows websites you visit to see your real IP address even when you’re using a VPN, even high quality VPN’s such as BufferedVPN orNordVPN, it’s not a fault of the VPN software but with the function of the browser.

WebRTC doesnt affect OSX and Android users, so users using Chrome or Firefox on OSX or Android need not worry about it. Windows users, however, need to take immediate steps to protect their real IP address so they can continue to access their favorite geo-restricted or blocked websites.

Chrome Browser on Windows OS

People using the Chrome browser on Windows should download block WebRTC add-on/extension for their Chrome browser.

Firefox Browser on Windows OS

Users of Mozilla Firefox should launch Firefox and do the following:

1) Type about:config in the address bar of Firefox.

2) Click on Ill be careful, I promise![the message depends on your versionof Firefox]

3) A list will open with a search bar above. In that search bar, type: media.peerconnection.enabled and hit enter.

4) When the result comes up, double-click on it to turn its value to false.

5) Close the tab to finish the procedure.

That should do it!

NordVPN and Private Internet Access Tie Customer Satisfaction Survey

NordVPN and Private Internet Access have beaten out a host of top providers in an extensive user poll conducted by analysts at

The poll which surveyed over 200 users in 17 countries was topped by both NordVPNand Private Internet access, both of which scored 92% customer satisfaction ratings.

The survey asked users to rate the providers on 5 key metrics, security, reliability, customer service, speed and price.

NordVPN topped out both security and reliability, scoring 97% and 94% respectivelyfor customer satisfaction.

Australian provider Golden Frog receiveda perfect score of 100% for customerservice. Review My VPN analysts have attributed this to the fact that the organizationis based on Australian soil and has a strong following with Australian VPN users.

Private Internet Access ranked consistently high across all categories, and registered one of the broadest users bases of all VPN providers surveyed both in terms of geography and age demographic.

IP Vanish

IP Vanishoffer a bare bones VPN service at acompetitive cost. Whilst some users have reported issues with speed and usability, othersmay be willing to look past this given the services price competitive nature.

Pricing Structure

As mentioned above IP Vanish offer a competitive pricing schedule, incentive’s users who signup to he service for longer time frames. Prices range from $10 when signing up monthly, to $6.49 per month when signing up yearly.


IP Vanish boast servers in 59 Countries worldwide, a significant number when compared to the rest of the market. Additionally the service offers servers in a variety of countries not services by traditional VPN providers such as Panama and Egypt.


As with many of the top VPN providers IP Vanish carries a no logs policy, meaning that users paying with bitcoin and using a throwaway email address are afforded a high degree of security.

IP Vanish offer Open VPN, PPTP and L2TP connection types available with both 128 bit and 256 bit encryption.

In addition to the security measures listed above IP Vanish utilize shared IP’s making it almostphysically impossible for them to turn over individuals to law enforcement agencies.


A key problem with IP Vanish is it’s lack of 24/7 live support. This is a feature which comes as standard for many of the top players in the market. On the upside IP Vanish have done a great job of putting together an FAQ guide which covers the majority of the issues that you are likely to face. In addition to the above IP Vanish provide a highly efficient ticketing service which was able to solve all of the issues that we had with the software within a relatively short space of time.


As with most VPN providers, the sign up process for IP Vanish is relatively easy, requiring only an email, password and payment

Set Up

IP Vanish has a significantly different user interface when setting up compared to many other VPN’s on the market. Once the initialization process has been completed, by clicking on the software, the user can choose from a wide array of available servers from a world map. Each server location shows information such as speed, IP address etc.

Final Word

As mentioned above IP Vanish doesn’t offer some of the same features as other provider at the top end of the market, however the low cost and large server range may be enough to sway some users.



NordVPN are an organisation operating out of the Panama which offers some of the best security features of any VPN service on the web.

Pricing Structure

Like most VPN providers NordVPN offers a service which gets cheaper as the longer you subscribe. Plans range in cost from approximately $9 a for a month by month subscription to $4.50 a month when signing up yearly (prices have been adjusted to US dollars).

Users can opt to pay via visa, mastercard, paypal, or bitcoin. Whilst not essential we would recommend Bitcoin the payment history is particularly difficult to trace.


NordVPN has secured servers in over 20 Countries world wide, and has a dedicated server hub in every continent.One of the features that will make NordVPN particularly appealing to many users is the positive reputation that the site has cultivated for offering secure access to P2Pnetworks such as BitTorrent and UTorrent. Whilst there are many providers that claim to offer secure P2P connections, NordVPN is one of the few providers in the market that actual has the reputation to back up this claim.

A key feature which sets NordVPN apart from it’s competition is the functionality of its website, which caters to Luddites, the tech savvy and anyone in between.All in all you can expert an ergonomic user experience both in terms of the NordVPN website and the VPN software itself regarless of your level of tech literacy.


NordVPN offers one of the most secure VPN services on the net, taking significant measures to protect the privacy of their users. NordVPN doesn’t collect activity or connection logs, nor is it subject to US, EU or Australian law.

As with many of the top VPN servies reviewed by this site, Nord VPN comes with OpenVPN as standard operating protcol, whilst also offering PPTP and L2TP.


NordVPN’s array of supports is nothing short of amazing. A 24/7 customer support service is available offering support for issues both technically challenging and not.

We spoke a NordVPN customer service representative to get some assistance in getting the software loaded up on one of our machines. Not only was the assistance prompt, but it was surprisingly clear.We also included a bit more of a tricky question for the customer service rep once we had the software up and running. He was able to solve this issues relitvley quickly after confering with one of his colleagues.


Sign up for NordVPN was as effortless process requiring only a few moments between the sign up, and the set up process.

Set Up

The set up for NordVPN is a breeze, we had no issues getting the software up and running within a couple of minutes. Even with a slower PC you wouldn’t expect the process to take you any longer than 5 minutes.Once the initialization process is complete the front page loads up providing the user with a combination of available servers and their recommended uses. Once you’ve chosen a server the software runs seamlessly in the background. We set the VPN up in such a way that it auto connects to a US server every time our machine comes online,its relativity easy to go about this and it saves you from the hassle manually selecting a server every time you come online.

If you need any additional help you can watch the short video that we put together below.

Final Word

There is a reason why NordVPN is both the top of our leaderboard, and the VPN that the reviewmyvpn team use on their personal machines. The service sits next to Private Internet Access as a cut above the rest of the market, offeringthe best mix of value for money, security and ergonomic programming available on the net.

Private Internet Access VPN

Private Internet Access VPN is a US based organisation that provides a competitively priced and secure VPN service.


Private Internet Access VPNoffers a highly competitive pricing structure ranging from $6.95 per month to $3.33 month to month when purchased yearly. Having reviewed a number of sites, I am yet to find to find service with a price point below $3.33 per month.


Private Internet Access VPN offers 18 servers in 9 Countries. Their software also offers Socks5 Proxy, which allows the user to operate torrenting clients such as Bit Torrent anonymously.


As Private Internet Access VPNis based within the US, it is under no legal obligation to retain data or log. AdditionallyPrivate Internet Access VPN utilize shared IP addresses, making it virtually impossible to match any individual user to online activities.

Private Internet Access VPN do however keep logs of payments, however they encourage users to sign up with a throwaway email address and pay with bitcoin to ensure that they protect their anonymity.


Private Internet Access VPNoffer a live support system and a ticketed email system. Our research indicated that they were among the best on the market in terms of customer service.


Private Internet Access VPNoffers a streamlined sign up and payment process which delivers activation information almost instantaneously. In terms of ergonomicsPrivate Internet Access VPN is by far one of the best providers on the market.

Set Up

As was the case with sign up, set up for Private Internet Access VPNwas efficient and streamlined. Installing the client is effortless and once installed the user is offered an ergonomic interfacefor customizing the service.

Final Word

Private Internet Access VPNoffers a cheapand efficient service which is receives rave reviews almost everywhere you look online. With lightning fast speeds and a seamless interface,Private Internet Access VPN is in the top tier of providers.

When you do a quick google for VPN services defiantly wont be on the front page. However after doing some research into this up and coming Romanian provider, we were pretty happy with what we have found.

Pricing Structure

As with most of the providers which we have reviewed on this site offers a pricing scale which incentives signing up for a longer period of time. Prices range from $9.00 per month when signing up monthly to $4.90 per month when signing for a year.

Of interest to security conscious users will be that offers payment via bitcoin.

Features offer a relatively broad range of features which will appeal to most users, such as 1TB of traffic per month, P2P File-sharing on supported servers and no speed restrictions.

A cause for concern for some users may be the limited number of servers available to users. Whilst the multiple servers in 9 different countries should suffice for most, the list of available servers doesn’t begin to come close to the variety offered by some of the top tier providers reviewed by this site.


Having reviewed’s policies we are pretty happy with the level of security that they can offer. promote themselves as offering ‘no logs’ and while this is for the most part true, the site does collect some connection data.Additionally is based in Romania, whichmeans that they are not legally required to collect data logs.

As with most providers offers OpenVPN as standard, whilst also offering access to L2TP encryption.


The research that we have done into’s online support indicates that they offer both prompt and good quality customer service. Email, skype, live chat, and ticketing are all offered as contact points.


Signing up to is easy enough, and if you are paying by bitcoin you just need a throwaway email address and a fake name. If you are paying using paypal or card, then you will have to provide them with your full name.

Set Up uses generic open source software regardless of which platform you are using it on. As a result the interface is considerably more stripped back than some of the other providers reviewed by this site. In order to set up the software all you need to do is download and install the client, download the associated configuration files, open the client and then enter your username and password.

Final Word

Although don’t have much of a reputation within the industry our research has suggested that they offer a cost effective and and secure service. Of concern to some users will be the speeds offered by, which by many accounts are considerable lower than some other providers in the market.



CactusVPN is a smaller VPN service which ranks up among some of the better services reviewed by this site. Users looking for good security at an affordable cost should consider looking at CactusVPN.

Pricing Structure

CactusVPN’s pricing model differs significantly from other providers, offering users the opportunity to purchase access to servers in three different locations (US, UK or the Netherlands) for $5.0o per month, per server type. Users also have the option of purchasing access to all three servers for $6.99 per month.

Unfortunately, CactusVPN doesn’t allow users to purchase via bitcoin, which may be of concern for some.


As with most VPN providers CactusVPN offers PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and OpenVPN connections.

Although CactusVPN allows the user to connect to multiple servers, it is worth noting that the user cannot connect through the same server with multiple devices. This is may be a dealbreaker for users who plan on running P2P filesharing clients through multiple devices (P2P is only supported on Netherlands servers).

Additionally CactusVPN offers a DNS service which allows the user to access geoblocked content. Whilst this can be done via the VPN directly, the DNS service requires no encryptionmaking it optimal for streaming media.


On the outset CactusVPN appear to have an upstanding privacy and security record. With this said it is worth noting that CactusVPN do keep connection logs for approximately three days for troubleshooting purposes. This shouldn’t be a problem for most users, however it would be considered optimal if CactusVPN kept no logs at all.

CactusVPN is operated out of Moldova, which sits well outside the reach of the Australian, US and EU jurisdiction and is well known for it’s minimalist standards with regardto data regulation.


As with many of the other top tier players in the market CactusVPN offers live support and an email ticketing system. We’ve trawled through a few forums, and consensus seems to be indicate that CactusVPN isboth prompt in it’s responses to queries and offers sound advice.


Signing up with CactusVPN is simple enough, all that is required is your name, email address and payment.

Set Up

CactusVPN offers one of the most seamless set up processes of all the VPN’s hat we have reviewed, utilizing a ergonomic installation client. The website offers a pretty detailed FAQ explaininginstallation methods on both Window and Mac.

Final Word

CactusVPN offers afast, quality service at a competitive price. Extra goodies such as Smart DNS will be great for those wishing to access Geoblocked content. Inability to connect to the same server on different devices at once may be a deal breaker for some users with big householders or multiple devices.

IronSocket VPN

IronSocket is a VPN service based out of Hong Kong, which was previously known as  Boasting top quality speeds, competitive pricing and a number of pleasing security measures, IronSocket fairs well against it’s competition

Pricing Structure

As with most of the VPN’s reviewed on this website IronSocket offers a pricing scale varying from $6.99 when signing up month by month to $4.16 when signing up for a year. For this price users have access to 3 simaltaneous connections. Each additional connection is worth $1.50 per month.


Whilst IronSocket’s interface is relatively bare bones in comparison to the rest of the market, the service still offers a host of connection options which will appease most users.

P2P filesharing is available on some servers, depending on the legal framework within the jurisdiction that each server resides. (Ironsocket will let you know where you can use P2P without getting into any trouble).


As with most VPN services, IronSocket offers OpenVPN, PPTP and LT2P protocols. In addition the service also offers access to IronSocket’s DNS servers which will be particularly useful for Australian users, or others who look wish to access geoblocked content..

IronSocket also offers Bitcoin as a payment option which adds an additional layer of security for privacy conscious individuals.

Users will find additional piece of mind in the fact that IronSocket is based in Hong Kong, a country known for some of the worlds most lax internet privacy laws, requiring no data logs or data retention.


IronSocket offers a 24/7 ticket based email based customer service system which our research has suggested to be quite efficient. In addition the website provides a relatively comprehensive FAQ which will be valuable for most users.

Sign Up

Sign Up with Ironsocket is easy enough, you need as little as an email and your credit card/bitcoin to get the ball rolling.

Set Up

IronSocket users will notice that the site has a rather unorthodox set up method for both Mac and PC. In order to install the client the user must select a desired server and then enter their account detail via their browser to initiate the download.

Unfortunately the user will be prompted to enter their password every time that they reopen the client.

Final Word

IronSocket offers a good service at a reasonable price, offering users a wide array of security measures. Additionally the site’s Hong Kong base will bolster its appeal to privacy conscious users. However users seeking an interface with all the bells and whistles may find that IronSocket falls slightly short of their expectations.