Buffered VPN

By | May 2, 2015

Buffered VPN

$10.00 per month
Buffered VPN










          • - Quick Set Up
          • - Good Privacy
          • - Good Speed


          • - No Live Support

          Buffered is a newly established VPN service operating out of Hungary. They are a offer a fast, cheap VPN service with impressive privacy controls.

          Pricing Structure

          Buffered offer competitive prices which get progressively cheaper the longer the period that you sign on for. Costs range from $10 per month when signing on for a year to $15 when signing on monthly.


          Due to the company’s Hungarian base, Buffered fall outside the reach of Australian, US, and British law. In addition, ISP’s are not required to retain data by the EU.

          Buffered provides access to 3 simultaneous connections whilst also offering hosting in 14 countries worldwide.


          Buffered have gone to great lengths to provide their customers with a secure connection. This is evidenced by the company’s move to only support OpenVPN. Whilst this provides additional security it also limits use of the service to more modern devices.


          Buffered offer no live support, however it does offer an efficient ticketing service. Buffered has indicated that it will look tooffer live support in the near future.

          Sign Up

          Buffered offers an efficient sign up system, the software should be up and running on your machine in 20 minutes.

          Set Up

          Buffered can be run on all 3 major operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux). Once you have downloaded the software, just click on your Country’s relevant flag and you’re ready to go.

          Final Word

          Buffered is one of the best VPN’s available on the market, offering competitive prices, privacy and an easy to use interface

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