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IP Vanish

IP Vanishoffer a bare bones VPN service at acompetitive cost. Whilst some users have reported issues with speed and usability, othersmay be willing to look past this given the services price competitive nature. Pricing Structure As mentioned above IP Vanish offer a competitive pricing schedule, incentive’s users who signup to he service for longer time… Read More »


NordVPN are an organisation operating out of the Panama which offers some of the best security features of any VPN service on the web. Pricing Structure Like most VPN providers NordVPN offers a service which gets cheaper as the longer you subscribe. Plans range in cost from approximately $9 a for a month by month… Read More »

Private Internet Access VPN

Private Internet Access VPN is a US based organisation that provides a competitively priced and secure VPN service. PricingStructure Private Internet Access VPNoffers a highly competitive pricing structure ranging from $6.95 per month to $3.33 month to month when purchased yearly. Having reviewed a number of sites, I am yet to find to find service… Read More »

Pure VPN

PureVPN isby far one of the best VPN providers on the market in terms of both cost and speed. As we have noted belowwe still have a number of concerns with the level of security offered byPureVPN. Pricing Structure Pure VPN offers a competitive pricing structure, which becomes cheaper the longer period which you subscribe… Read More »

When you do a quick google for VPN services defiantly wont be on the front page. However after doing some research into this up and coming Romanian provider, we were pretty happy with what we have found. Pricing Structure As with most of the providers which we have reviewed on this site offers… Read More »


Overview CactusVPN is a smaller VPN service which ranks up among some of the better services reviewed by this site. Users looking for good security at an affordable cost should consider looking at CactusVPN. Pricing Structure CactusVPN’s pricing model differs significantly from other providers, offering users the opportunity to purchase access to servers in three… Read More »

IronSocket VPN

IronSocket is a VPN service based out of Hong Kong, which was previously known as  Boasting top quality speeds, competitive pricing and a number of pleasing security measures, IronSocket fairs well against it’s competition Pricing Structure As with most of the VPN’s reviewed on this website IronSocket offers a pricing scale varying from $6.99 when… Read More »

Vypr VPN

VyprVPN is an established VPN service which is affiliated with the Golden Frog internet freedom group. There are a few minor issues with the service that Vypr VPN offers, however for the most part they offer an efficient and relatively cost competitive service with good customer service. Pricing structure As with most VPN service Vypr… Read More »

Express VPN

ExpressVPN is a simple and secure service, offering a large number of servers and an ergonomic user interface. Pricing Structure ExpressVPN offers a competitive priced VPN service, utilizing a cost structure that provides incentives for signing on for longer. Prices range from $8.32 per month when signing up for a year to $12.95 when signing up… Read More »

Buffered VPN

Buffered is a newly established VPN service operating out of Hungary. They are a offer a fast, cheap VPN service with impressive privacy controls. Pricing Structure Buffered offer competitive prices which get progressively cheaper the longer the period that you sign on for. Costs range from $10 per month when signing on for a year… Read More »