How to Disable WebRTC in Chrome and Firefox to Protect Your Anonymity and Real IP!

By | April 25, 2016

As security conscious VPN users will already know, many browsers contain a security flaw that can compromise your security when browsing. This glitch impacts only impacts on Windows users, the vulnerability is know as WebRTC and it affects the users of both Chrome and Firefox. The glitch allows websites you visit to see your real IP address even when you’re using a VPN, even high quality VPN’s such as BufferedVPN orNordVPN, it’s not a fault of the VPN software but with the function of the browser.

WebRTC doesnt affect OSX and Android users, so users using Chrome or Firefox on OSX or Android need not worry about it. Windows users, however, need to take immediate steps to protect their real IP address so they can continue to access their favorite geo-restricted or blocked websites.

Chrome Browser on Windows OS

People using the Chrome browser on Windows should download block WebRTC add-on/extension for their Chrome browser.

Firefox Browser on Windows OS

Users of Mozilla Firefox should launch Firefox and do the following:

1) Type about:config in the address bar of Firefox.

2) Click on Ill be careful, I promise![the message depends on your versionof Firefox]

3) A list will open with a search bar above. In that search bar, type: media.peerconnection.enabled and hit enter.

4) When the result comes up, double-click on it to turn its value to false.

5) Close the tab to finish the procedure.

That should do it!