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By | April 2, 2016

IPVanish VPN

$6.49 per month
IPVanish VPN










          • - Large Range of Servers
          • - Low Cost
          • - No Logs


          • - No 24/7 Support
          • - US Based

          IP Vanishoffer a bare bones VPN service at acompetitive cost. Whilst some users have reported issues with speed and usability, othersmay be willing to look past this given the services price competitive nature.

          Pricing Structure

          As mentioned above IP Vanish offer a competitive pricing schedule, incentive’s users who signup to he service for longer time frames. Prices range from $10 when signing up monthly, to $6.49 per month when signing up yearly.


          IP Vanish boast servers in 59 Countries worldwide, a significant number when compared to the rest of the market. Additionally the service offers servers in a variety of countries not services by traditional VPN providers such as Panama and Egypt.


          As with many of the top VPN providers IP Vanish carries a no logs policy, meaning that users paying with bitcoin and using a throwaway email address are afforded a high degree of security.

          IP Vanish offer Open VPN, PPTP and L2TP connection types available with both 128 bit and 256 bit encryption.

          In addition to the security measures listed above IP Vanish utilize shared IP’s making it almostphysically impossible for them to turn over individuals to law enforcement agencies.


          A key problem with IP Vanish is it’s lack of 24/7 live support. This is a feature which comes as standard for many of the top players in the market. On the upside IP Vanish have done a great job of putting together an FAQ guide which covers the majority of the issues that you are likely to face. In addition to the above IP Vanish provide a highly efficient ticketing service which was able to solve all of the issues that we had with the software within a relatively short space of time.


          As with most VPN providers, the sign up process for IP Vanish is relatively easy, requiring only an email, password and payment

          Set Up

          IP Vanish has a significantly different user interface when setting up compared to many other VPN’s on the market. Once the initialization process has been completed, by clicking on the software, the user can choose from a wide array of available servers from a world map. Each server location shows information such as speed, IP address etc.

          Final Word

          As mentioned above IP Vanish doesn’t offer some of the same features as other provider at the top end of the market, however the low cost and large server range may be enough to sway some users.


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