NordVPN and Private Internet Access Tie Customer Satisfaction Survey

By | April 23, 2016

NordVPN and Private Internet Access have beaten out a host of top providers in an extensive user poll conducted by analysts at

The poll which surveyed over 200 users in 17 countries was topped by both NordVPNand Private Internet access, both of which scored 92% customer satisfaction ratings.

The survey asked users to rate the providers on 5 key metrics, security, reliability, customer service, speed and price.

NordVPN topped out both security and reliability, scoring 97% and 94% respectivelyfor customer satisfaction.

Australian provider Golden Frog receiveda perfect score of 100% for customerservice. Review My VPN analysts have attributed this to the fact that the organizationis based on Australian soil and has a strong following with Australian VPN users.

Private Internet Access ranked consistently high across all categories, and registered one of the broadest users bases of all VPN providers surveyed both in terms of geography and age demographic.

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