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$4 per month










          • - High Security
          • - Excellent Customer Service
          • - No Logs
          • - Allows PTP Filesharing


          • - Nothing

          NordVPN are an organisation operating out of the Panama which offers some of the best security features of any VPN service on the web.

          Pricing Structure

          Like most VPN providers NordVPN offers a service which gets cheaper as the longer you subscribe. Plans range in cost from approximately $9 a for a month by month subscription to $4.50 a month when signing up yearly (prices have been adjusted to US dollars).

          Users can opt to pay via visa, mastercard, paypal, or bitcoin. Whilst not essential we would recommend Bitcoin the payment history is particularly difficult to trace.


          NordVPN has secured servers in over 20 Countries world wide, and has a dedicated server hub in every continent.One of the features that will make NordVPN particularly appealing to many users is the positive reputation that the site has cultivated for offering secure access to P2Pnetworks such as BitTorrent and UTorrent. Whilst there are many providers that claim to offer secure P2P connections, NordVPN is one of the few providers in the market that actual has the reputation to back up this claim.

          A key feature which sets NordVPN apart from it’s competition is the functionality of its website, which caters to Luddites, the tech savvy and anyone in between.All in all you can expert an ergonomic user experience both in terms of the NordVPN website and the VPN software itself regarless of your level of tech literacy.


          NordVPN offers one of the most secure VPN services on the net, taking significant measures to protect the privacy of their users. NordVPN doesn’t collect activity or connection logs, nor is it subject to US, EU or Australian law.

          As with many of the top VPN servies reviewed by this site, Nord VPN comes with OpenVPN as standard operating protcol, whilst also offering PPTP and L2TP.


          NordVPN’s array of supports is nothing short of amazing. A 24/7 customer support service is available offering support for issues both technically challenging and not.

          We spoke a NordVPN customer service representative to get some assistance in getting the software loaded up on one of our machines. Not only was the assistance prompt, but it was surprisingly clear.We also included a bit more of a tricky question for the customer service rep once we had the software up and running. He was able to solve this issues relitvley quickly after confering with one of his colleagues.


          Sign up for NordVPN was as effortless process requiring only a few moments between the sign up, and the set up process.

          Set Up

          The set up for NordVPN is a breeze, we had no issues getting the software up and running within a couple of minutes. Even with a slower PC you wouldn’t expect the process to take you any longer than 5 minutes.Once the initialization process is complete the front page loads up providing the user with a combination of available servers and their recommended uses. Once you’ve chosen a server the software runs seamlessly in the background. We set the VPN up in such a way that it auto connects to a US server every time our machine comes online,its relativity easy to go about this and it saves you from the hassle manually selecting a server every time you come online.

          If you need any additional help you can watch the short video that we put together below.

          Final Word

          There is a reason why NordVPN is both the top of our leaderboard, and the VPN that the reviewmyvpn team use on their personal machines. The service sits next to Private Internet Access as a cut above the rest of the market, offeringthe best mix of value for money, security and ergonomic programming available on the net.

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