Private Internet Access VPN

By | April 1, 2016

Private Internet Access VPN

$3.33 per month
Private Internet Access VPN










          • - High Speeds
          • - Bitcoin Payment
          • - Good Security


          • - No Money Back Guarantee

          Private Internet Access VPN is a US based organisation that provides a competitively priced and secure VPN service.


          Private Internet Access VPNoffers a highly competitive pricing structure ranging from $6.95 per month to $3.33 month to month when purchased yearly. Having reviewed a number of sites, I am yet to find to find service with a price point below $3.33 per month.


          Private Internet Access VPN offers 18 servers in 9 Countries. Their software also offers Socks5 Proxy, which allows the user to operate torrenting clients such as Bit Torrent anonymously.


          As Private Internet Access VPNis based within the US, it is under no legal obligation to retain data or log. AdditionallyPrivate Internet Access VPN utilize shared IP addresses, making it virtually impossible to match any individual user to online activities.

          Private Internet Access VPN do however keep logs of payments, however they encourage users to sign up with a throwaway email address and pay with bitcoin to ensure that they protect their anonymity.


          Private Internet Access VPNoffer a live support system and a ticketed email system. Our research indicated that they were among the best on the market in terms of customer service.


          Private Internet Access VPNoffers a streamlined sign up and payment process which delivers activation information almost instantaneously. In terms of ergonomicsPrivate Internet Access VPN is by far one of the best providers on the market.

          Set Up

          As was the case with sign up, set up for Private Internet Access VPNwas efficient and streamlined. Installing the client is effortless and once installed the user is offered an ergonomic interfacefor customizing the service.

          Final Word

          Private Internet Access VPNoffers a cheapand efficient service which is receives rave reviews almost everywhere you look online. With lightning fast speeds and a seamless interface,Private Internet Access VPN is in the top tier of providers.

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