Pure VPN

By | March 2, 2016

Pure VPN

$4.16 per month
Pure VPN










          • - Impressive Selection of Servers
          • - Competitive Price


          • - Lengthy Installation
          • - No Open VPN
          • - Two Login's Per Account

          PureVPN isby far one of the best VPN providers on the market in terms of both cost and speed. As we have noted belowwe still have a number of concerns with the level of security offered byPureVPN.

          Pricing Structure

          Pure VPN offers a competitive pricing structure, which becomes cheaper the longer period which you subscribe for. Prices range from $49.95 for an annual subscription to $9.95 when signing up month by month.


          PureVPN offers access three types of protcol to connect with, PPTP, SSTP, and L2TP. Unlike many other comparable services on the market PureVPN doesn’t offer OpenVPN as standard. Users should give sufficient weight to this fact when considering whether to go with PureVPN as a provider.

          More favorably, PureVPN offer servers in over 100 countries, placing them in the top tier of providers in terms of server diversity.


          A key issue for Pure VPN is it’s lack of compatibility with Open VPN.Additionally Pure VPNis not a ‘zero logging’ service, so users looking for a high level of security might want to consider giving Pure VPN a miss.


          Pure VPN offers a high level of support, 24/7support, forum and live chat available.

          Set Up

          The set up process for PureVPN is slightly more convoluted that many other VPN services available on the market. When initially opening the software you will be prompted to choose either China or Rest of the World which initiates the installation.

          During the installation if you dont have .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile installed on your machine then you will be prompted to download it.

          After installing the software you will be prompted to run through the get started guide, which will direct you in your use of the service.

          Final Word

          Good option for those looking towards a cheap VPN with good support. Lack of access to OpenVPN will be a significant issue for many users

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