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          • - No Data Logs
          • - Accepts Bitcoin
          • - Low Cost


          • - Speed
          • - Reliability

          When you do a quick google for VPN services VPN.ac defiantly wont be on the front page. However after doing some research into this up and coming Romanian provider, we were pretty happy with what we have found.

          Pricing Structure

          As with most of the providers which we have reviewed on this site VPN.ac offers a pricing scale which incentives signing up for a longer period of time. Prices range from $9.00 per month when signing up monthly to $4.90 per month when signing for a year.

          Of interest to security conscious users will be that VPN.ac offers payment via bitcoin.


          VPN.ac offer a relatively broad range of features which will appeal to most users, such as 1TB of traffic per month, P2P File-sharing on supported servers and no speed restrictions.

          A cause for concern for some users may be the limited number of servers available to VPN.ac users. Whilst the multiple servers in 9 different countries should suffice for most, the list of available servers doesn’t begin to come close to the variety offered by some of the top tier providers reviewed by this site.


          Having reviewed VPN.ac’s policies we are pretty happy with the level of security that they can offer. VPN.ac promote themselves as offering ‘no logs’ and while this is for the most part true, the site does collect some connection data.Additionally VPN.ac is based in Romania, whichmeans that they are not legally required to collect data logs.

          As with most providers VPN.ac offers OpenVPN as standard, whilst also offering access to L2TP encryption.


          The research that we have done into VPN.ac’s online support indicates that they offer both prompt and good quality customer service. Email, skype, live chat, and ticketing are all offered as contact points.


          Signing up to VPN.ac is easy enough, and if you are paying by bitcoin you just need a throwaway email address and a fake name. If you are paying using paypal or card, then you will have to provide them with your full name.

          Set Up

          VPN.ac uses generic open source software regardless of which platform you are using it on. As a result the interface is considerably more stripped back than some of the other providers reviewed by this site. In order to set up the software all you need to do is download and install the client, download the associated configuration files, open the client and then enter your username and password.

          Final Word

          Although VPN.ac don’t have much of a reputation within the industry our research has suggested that they offer a cost effective and and secure service. Of concern to some users will be the speeds offered by VPN.ac, which by many accounts are considerable lower than some other providers in the market.

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