Vypr VPN

By | May 24, 2015

Vypr VPN

$6.67 per month
Vypr VPN










          • - Good Speeds
          • - Excellent Customer Service


          • - Questionable Privacy
          VyprVPN is an established VPN service which is affiliated with the Golden Frog internet freedom group.
          There are a few minor issues with the service that Vypr VPN offers, however for the most part they offer an efficient and relatively cost competitive service with good customer service.
          Pricing structure
          As with most VPN service Vypr VPN offer a pricing structure which becomes cheap the longer that you subscribe for. Prices range from $6.67 per month (paid annually) to $10.00 per month (paid monthly)
          Vypr VPN have some of the most comprehensive server locations of any of the VPN’s reviewed by this site. At present 700 different servers are available in over 43 different countries.
          Vypr VPN offers their customers a high degree of security by offering users use of both Open VPN and Chamelon, a piece of software designed by Vypr VPN to offer a high level of security without a major impact on speeds.
          A cause for concern for users however should be the physical location of Vypr VPN. Whilst Vypr VPN proclaim on their site that their are registered in Switzerland, the organisation is located within the US. As a result Vypr VPN still adhere to DCMA requests, providing users with two strikes.
          Of further concern to potential customers is that Vypr VPN does not use shared ip adressed, making it easy for law enforcement bodies to track down individuals guilty of an offence.
          In terms of support, Vypr offer all the trimmings, with 24/7 live support, email support and a broad FAQ on their website.
          Sign Up
          As with most providers, signing up is as simple as providing you’re name and email address. For the privacy conscious the absence of bitcoin as a payment method may be a concern.
          Set Up
          The setup process for Vypr VPN is one of the simplest of all the VPN’s which we have reviewed. Futhermore, once you have opened the software, you’ll notice that the interface is highly consistent across all platforms, making life easier for those who wish to use the service on both their PC and their smartphone.
          Final Word
          If you’re looking for fast speeds and ergonomic interface, Vypr VPN is the way to go. If you’re the sort of person who is very specific about their privacy, or planning on engaging questionable activities,then perhaps this is not the VPN for you.

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